Season 2006

First Race
Phaliron-Hydra-Phalirondistance 45 Nm
Date: 24-26 March 2006

As I have already described this race is popular as it is the first of the new season. The conditions were similar as last year. Very little wind at the start of the race but we decided not to abandon and we started sailing with all possible sail combination. At one time we had both spinnakers hoisted and we reached 9.1 Knots and everybody was happy with the performance of the boat. When it became dark the wind was even lower but it was very pleasant so we continued sailing and we reached the harbour 12.15 after 8 hours of sailing. We found a nice place to moor the boat near our friends from Errini.


The next day the weather was very bad in Hydra very cold and rain but we had a lot of ouzo and as always many stories to share from the last year and to meet friends from last season. On the sail back the conditions were the same low wind but very very cold . We sailed with a lot of tacks till the small Islands of Tselevinia close to Poros but after we reached Poros that we decided to abandon again the race as the was practically zero wind the temperature now was sunny and hot what a difference srom the starting conditions. We returned by motor to Kalamaki until we reached an area with nice wind and we started sailing again and we saw also dolphins swimming close to Alma Libre. What a beauty.

Second Race
Phaliron-Kythnos-Phaliron distance 53 Nm
Date: April 30-May1 2006

This year the race was excellent despite the bad weather. Only 17 boats participated due to the bad weather that was forecasted for the week-end. The race started at 2 pm on Saturday as on Monday it was the holiday of May 1. The conditions were pretty good for the wind as it was blowing over 10 Knots from the south which pretty soon was changed to north wind. Alma Libre had a good start and we were able to maintain our good position as long as the wind lasted. As the night approached the wind was getting lower and at one point it was practically zero. All of the sudden it started again with considerable force over 18 Knots and we were able to finish the race around 1 am the next day. It was bitter cold and everybody was tired however we prepared something to eat and drink and to discuss the race with some friends. We finished first from all the ORC boats but finally we were third in the corrected time. The next day it was raining and cold. We decided to cook suchi on board as one of the crew members found extremely fresh fish in the harbor of Merihas.


Monday morning the rain stopped but it was cold again. We started the race extremely well although the wind was very low in the beginning but we were able to come close even to the extreme racing boats. We raised the two spinnakers and the boat was flying until we entered the Saronicos area and the wind started to go down and finally we stopped completely what a disappointment after a fantastic race. We decided to abandon the race as there was no sign of any wind coming from anywhere.


Third race
Voula-Kea(Tzia)-Voula distance 33 Nm
Date: 26-28 May 2006

The Kea race is one of the most popular. This time over 70 boats have participated. The conditions were the most favorable for Alma Libre, wind over 25 Knots from north direction. The problem was that we started the race with only three crew members but we were able to overcome all the boats in the ORC class and come very close to IMS A racing boats that had started 30 minutes before us. Our boat was flying and we had one of the nicest sailing till we arrived in Kea where the wind died out completely. We arrived in Kea around 8.30 in the afternoon and we needed two hours to cover the last 2 miles to enter the harbor and the finish line. We were ranked as 8 in the corrected time we were tired and disappointed after such a run. But as always we went for dinner to the restaurant of Aristos and with some wine we forgot the disappointment.

The next day was free for relaxing after the race and we went with a boat of a friend for scuba diving in a nice place near the harbor the first dive of 2006. The weather was hot the first real summer day.
Sunday we started for the race back but as we were now only two onboard we were unable to set the asymmetric spinnaker in the bow so we decided to stop the race although we had a good start but the wind condition were not favorable. We stopped for swimming under the Sounion temple a place that I like very much. You feel the vibes from the ancient times as the Athenian boats were returning from their adventures all over the Mediterranean sea.

Fourth Race
Pireaus-Kea(Tzia)-Voula distance 33 Nm
Date: 15-17 September 2006

This is the fall racebut due to another race that was taking place in Crete only 30 boats were participating this year. The wind conditions were totally different this time. Strong north winds were forecasted. In Saronicos the conditions were very favorable for Alma Libre and we were able to pass many boats but there were moments without any wind and the only you do in such occasion is to wait. Later after passing cape Sounion we found strong north wind with over 25 Knots gusts and we were able to sail fast in the night after Makronisos to Vourkari. When we reached the entrance of the port we needed to make 4 tacks to enter the harbour so we lost valuable time and we lost all the time we gained with the strong wind. Next day we saw the results : we had reached just the eight position after the handicap but we were very happy after our fight with the sea and the wind.

On the way back Sunday morning the fore cast for the wind was again very favourable for Alma Libre 20-25 Knots . During the start there was no wind and we lost 1 hour to go out of the bay but the wind was increasing continuously and reached the forecast. We sailed very fast and we had a lot of fun. The finish line was in Voula and that was very good for us as normally the wind after Voula is very low and it is not favourable for Alma Libre. So we finished the race with record time and we were very happy with our position as we reached first of all the ORC boats the finish line and we arrived close to the fast racing boats. The results were a little disappointing as we reached only the third position after the handicap but as always we were happy with the performance of the boat and the nice time we had all together onboard.


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