about Sail Racing

In these pages I will try to describe the racing adventures of Alma Libre. Racing for me is not for winning but to find an excuse to spent more time on-board. To be near the sea that I love so much, to be near other fellow sailors that love the sea, as much or more than myself.

During all my years sailing I rarely found out in the ports Greek cruising sailors. During my winter sailing in Saronicos I found out that the only boats sailing along with me were racing boats. It seems to me that the Greek people although they were always near the sea they do not enjoy to sail for cruising. Perhaps they are getting bored after so many centuries sailing in the Aegean. I hear very often the excuse ” but I have no time for sailing…..” I love this excuse it really means to me I don’t love the sea I like to go somewhere in order to spent my week-end or holydays. It is so different on a sailing boat. After that I decided to start racing sailing

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